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Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone, commonly called low T, is a condition where the body does not produce enough of the hormone testosterone. As men age, it becomes increasingly common to experience the effects of low t such as:

Physical Symptoms

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Mental and Emotional Changes

If several of the above symptoms are present, having your testosterone levels checked is recommended. The experienced physicians at Prime Hormone Solutions provide complete low T testing in Boca.

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) involves restoring testosterone levels in men back to a healthy, youthful range with bioidentical hormones. When properly administered, many benefits are possible:

Physical Changes

Mental and Emotional Improvements

The expert physicians at Prime Hormone Solutions specialize in male hormones and prescribing effective testosterone replacement tailored to your unique physiology and needs.

Get your testosterone levels checked today!

Diagnosing Low Testosterone

The symptoms and signs above can indicate low T, but accurate blood analysis is needed to confirm this. Our clinic provides comprehensive testosterone testing that includes:

Total Testosterone Blood Levels

This test measures the overall amount of circulating testosterone in the body from all sources. Comparing your result to the reference range indicates if your levels are low.

However, some men can still have low or inadequate levels in the "normal" range causing bothersome symptoms described earlier.

Free Testosterone

Only 1-2% of your circulating testosterone is "free" and bioavailable to your cells. Even with normal total T levels, the free portion can be insufficient. We provide both total and free testosterone assays.

Additional Hormones

Starting Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If testing confirms low testosterone or inadequate free levels, our clinic has worked with thousands of men to safely increase levels utilizing bioidentical testosterone therapy protocols.

Choosing the Best Delivery Method

There are several options for efficiently restoring testosterone including:

Our clinic will evaluate your lifestyle, needs and preferences to determine the optimal route for you. We offer all these modalities to suit your individual physiology.

Follow-Up Testing & Adjustments

Follow-up blood testing is performed 6 weeks after initiating therapy to measure your response and adjust dosing accordingly. Our clinicians carefully monitor your symptoms, side effects and labs to achieve ideal, balanced hormone levels.

Most men notice benefits in energy, mood, sexual function and body composition within 6-8 weeks on the protocol. Ongoing lab testing further refines and confirms you are receiving the proper testosterone dose over months and years on treatment.

Addressing Side Effects

Prime Hormone Solutions meticulously manages potential side effects like elevated hematocrit or estradiol rises. We may recommend more frequent blood donations or subtle medication adjustments to avoid adverse issues from developing on your customized regimen.

Our patients love the enhanced vibrancy they experience by properly addressing low testosterone! We look forward to helping you optimize and balance your hormones for better health and wellbeing.

FAQs About TRT

How do I know if I need testosterone therapy?

The many symptoms and signs of low T are highlighted earlier. Blood testing as described is the only sure way to determine if treatment is indicated. The physicians at our clinic will analyze all your labs and risk factors to make informed recommendations about starting TRT.

Does insurance cover testosterone replacement therapy?

Coverage for testosterone therapy depends on your specific insurance plan. Many policies provide coverage if your tested blood levels are below normal along with consistent symptoms. We provide detailed paperwork, testing, and medical justification to appeal denials when necessary.Out-of-pocket costs for self-pay testosterone regimens are also available on an affordable membership model at our clinic.

What are the side effects or risks with TRT?

As with any medical therapy, potential adverse issues exist that our clinicians carefully monitor:- Acne outbreak or oily skin- Breast tissue growth if estradiol not managed- Elevated red blood cell count- Prostate enlargement- Sleep apnea exacerbation- Testicular shrinkage and infertilityThrough proper testing and dosing strategies, our doctors minimize probability of these side effects developing. Most are reversible when treatment is stopped. We also adjust medications as needed on follow up.

Can women utilize testosterone therapy as well?

While testosterone treatment is less common in women, advanced hormone clinics like ours certainly utilize TRT in female patients also. Significant scientific data shows that balanced testosterone levels, when properly administered under a doctor’s care, can effectively help women suffering from fatigue, mental fog, low libido, anxiety, weight gain and other symptoms potentially caused by hormonal declines or imbalances.

What results or changes can I expect from TRT?

Most patients report significant benefits within 6-8 weeks after optimizing their testosterone levels:- Increased energy, motivation and drive- Enhanced sexual desire and performance- Improved moods and sense of wellbeing- Easier fat loss and muscle gain- Better sleep quality and concentrationThe level of improvements varies but most men are quite satisfied with treatment once hormone levels are adjusted into favorable ranges by our clinic. We utilize patient questionnaires and symptom scoring to track your progress while on therapy. Follow up blood tests also guide precise dosing custom to your body and needs.Please call Prime Hormone Solutions today at 612-555-TEST to see if TRT supervised by our highly qualified physicians is right for you!

Get tested for low T at Prime Hormone Solutions today!

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